Education, training & workshops

Are you looking for a fashion education? There are many possibilities: bachelors, masters, teacher training, workshops, … and both full-time and part-time.

Calendar IVOC training courses

IVOC, the organisation of which Young Patterns is part, also organises many free training courses for employees in the Belgian fashion and apparel industry. It concerns employees in Joint Committees 109 and 215.

But others, like you, can participate free of charge or at a fee under certain conditions:

For jobseekers there are 3 conditions for free participation:

  • Upload your CV
  • 10 calendar days before the start of a training course, places are still available
  • One can follow a maximum of 7 training days / year free of charge
This calendar covers just about all the competencies one needs in all departments of a fashion company:
  • fashion-apparel-textiles
  • personal skills
  • communication
  • languages
  • commercial
  • quality
  • HR
  • financial
  • logistics

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