Fashion Flows: the event where young people and companies talk about current topics

Fashion Flows is the networking event that we organise twice a year & where young people can make their voices heard. They get a view on jobs in the fashion and apparel industry and enter into conversation with companies on themes such as sustainability, working in family businesses, jobs carried out by young employees, for which jobs it is difficult to find staff, … .

We have already organised 4 editions.

Have already been a guest at one of the Fashion Flows:

  • MRFG
  • VF Europe
  • The Woody Group
  • Bel-confect
  • Decco
  • Comme Les Loups
  • Ontex
  • Bestseller Wholesale Belgium
  • Café Costume
  • Rue Blanche
  • Ornament Fine Garment
  • Joseffa

The organisation of Fashion Flows is largely in the hands of the ambassadors. Both in determining the themes and in moderating the focus groups.

One new edition of Fashion Flows is planned for the spring of 2021. Stay informed by subscribing to our monthly newsletter or following our socials.

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