How I got my dream job

Jitske, 23 years old had a long way to find her dream job.
You may already know Jitske. She is one of our ambassadors and would like to share her story with you.

Jitske’s search starts at the age of 12. At this age she starts her study ‘Creation&Fashion’ in secondary school. She followed this at Sint-Jozef – Kontich.

After high-school she wants to discover her passion in a new way. At that moment Jitske chooses to start at Hogent with ‘Fashion Technology’. She learned a lot about the technical but also the creative aspect of making clothes.

Jitske has always enjoyed pattern drawing. After graduation she wanted to find a job as a pattern maker. Unfortunately this was not an easy job. Many companies are looking for people with experience. Something you don’t have after completing your studies.

Jitske got in contact  with IVOC/ Young Patterns after a few months of working on motivation letters and job interviews. We gave Jitske the opportunity to do a duo internship. She has learned a lot in 2 different companies and she had hope. Unfortunately these companies didn’t have an available function as a pattern maker.

She continued her search with her head held high and she followed another course at IVOC. Thanks to this course she also got to know the various courses at the VDAB. She chose to follow an extra training as a pattern maker. Pattern maker is still her first choice and this training seemed to be the perfect opportunity for her.

After 8 months of training at the VDAB she got the opportunity to do an internship at FFM (Flanders Fashion Makers). Jitske immediately accepted. After a positive conversation, she got the chance to start an “in-house” internship.

At the end of her internship (beginning of August 2020), FFM presented her an IBO contract. This IBO contract is hopefully, the finale step, to the job of her dreams. Jitske had to ‘fight’ for her dream job for 2 years but now she is very happy. She can expand her passion in a company she loves. She finally has the job of her dreams.

Jitske wants to motivate everyone. She doesn’t wish anyone a long search but she has learned a lot from it. So Never give up and stay motivated!