Dual learning is gaining ground in Flanders

Our labour market has various bottlenecks: not enough candidates for the vacancies, candidates with insufficient skills. Professional training that is not adapted to the needs of business, or necessary training that simply does not exist.

Clothing and apparel companies have learned to take matters into their own hands. Rather than believing that solutions will fall from the sky, companies themselves are responsible for the professional training and upskilling of their employees and newcomers. All studies point in the same direction: self-sufficiency of companies is gaining in importance. It is reflected in efficient and effective in-house training capacity.

Does this mean that the role of schools and external trainers has ended? Not at all, on the contrary!

The necessary rejuvenation of the sector can certainly succeed thanks to efficient guidance of young people in education and professional training. Moreover, supporting in-house training capacity requires a strategic review of the services provided by schools and training centres.

This requires innovative training formulas, adapted to the demands and possibilities of companies. DUAL LEARNING, a system that is currently experiencing strong growth in Flanders, is one such strategic change that could well hit the mark. Our very first dual student and her work placement are already convinced.