Young Patterns – because you are the future!

personal advice

Get in touch for personal advice.

For who? Students, jobseekers & young employees.

Spotlight on jobs & industry

Young Patterns gives more visibility to the Belgian fashion and apparel industry & the most common jobs.

For who? Students, jobseekers & young employees.


The duo-internship where jobseekers gain experience in two Belgian companies.

For who? Graduates who are in the waiting period for their benefit.


Webinars, workshops & Fashion Flows, the networking event.

For who? Students, jobseekers & young employees.


Our job coach will help you map out your path.

For who? Students, jobseekers & young employees.

upload your cv

The database where you can upload your C.V. and companies look for candidates.

For who? Students (internship) & jobseekers (jobs).

expedition program

The expedition program, where young talents learn more about their qualities and interests through workshops in Belgian companies.

For who? Students from SenSe-fashion schools & jobseekers.

youth account

The ‘youth account’, the credit you can use for extra courses & workshops.

For who? Jobseekers & young employees.

“Through conversations with-26 year olds, we know that young people are often looking for guidance and advice on their way to a job in the Belgian fashion industry. Young Patterns connects jobseekers, students and young employees with the Belgian fashion & apparel industry.”

– The ambassadors of Young Patterns –