The hub for today’s young talents & tomorrow’s Belgian apparel industry


Young Patterns connects  jobseekers, students and young employees with the Belgian clothing industry.
This hub is a community for and by young people under the age of 26.
Together with its ambassadors, Young Patterns organises several initiatives & events.

Because you are the future & together we are stronger

We believe if young talents, companies & schools work closer together, there will be a change. This hub is focused on finding and connecting motivated young talents who will help transform our industry with companies that are ‘open to pass on their knowledge’ and with schools that support ‘out of the box thinking’.

Our pride: the ambassadors of Young Patterns

We couldn’t do it without them:
Sarah – Marie – Paulien – Sophie – Jitske – Eline – Hester – Luna – Merel – Fleur – Amber – Chanel & Zoë.

They are our inspiration, our example and our brain: the ambassadors. They feed us with their own experiences, allowing us to work out different actions together. They are also willing to share their experiences with you. So, feel free to contact them.

Where does the money come from?

The Young Patterns project is managed by IVOC, the training center of the Belgian apparel industry.

IVOC operations are mainly financed with funds from the Belgian clothing companies. IVOC thus has 0.3% of the salary mass in the industry. With this IVOC finances training and training support for employees.

On the basis of cooperation agreements, governments also contribute to the IVOC resources. The Flemish and European governments have been financing specific IVOC actions for some time now, for example educational campaigns, projects on workability or research.

In view of the precarious situation of many young people on the labor market, the Belgian federal government also makes additional funds available to IVOC, for youth actions. These are projects that focus on the employment of young people under the age of 26.

During the 2020-2021 period, there will be projects in many sectors and one of them is the apparel industry. The federal government provides for an extra € 194.500 of the project costs in our industry.