An internship in 2 different clothing companies

Do you want to gain more experience as a new graduate? You are registered as a jobseeker at the VDAB and do not yet know exactly which job suits you best? Then register for the Young Patterns duo-internship.

An internship in 2 different clothing companies, 2x 6 weeks, so you can discover different organizations, jobs and products.

You can gain extra experience and increase your chances of getting a job. You will receive the necessary guidance during your internship and a bonus of €400 afterwards.

What to do?

Book a personal advice session with Katrien. During this first talk you can indicate your skills, motivation and interest and we will use this to draw up your personal internship programme.

They have already done a duo internship

  • 2018

    Marie Houtain

    Companies: MRFG & D’Autan
    Recruitment: D’Autan
    Study: Fashion Technology
    Marie likes to tell about her experience. Contact her here.

  • 2018

    Paulien Van Dam

    Companies: Polygonal & BVBA 32
    Recruitment: BVBA32
    Study: Fashion Technology
    Paulien likes to tell about her experience. Contact her here.


  • 2018

    Jitske Van Assche

    Companies: BVBA32 & Polygonal
    Additional studies: pattern drawing VDAB
    Recruitment: Flanders Fashion Makers
    Study: Fashion Technology
    Jitske likes to tell about her experience. Contact her here.

  • 2019

    Fran Mols

    Companies: FNG International & Swynen Modeatelier
    Recruitment: Swynen Modeatelier
    Study: Fashion Technology


  • 2019

    Margot Vandeputte

    Companies: FNG International & Valvan Baling Systems
    Recruitment: HNST
    Study: Bio-engineer

  • 2020

    Frederik Beelen

    Companies: BVBA32 & Atelier Haider Ackermann
    Study: Fashion Technology


  • 2020

    Laurie Buczynski

    Companies: Caroline Bosmans & Christian Wynants
    Study: Fashion Technology

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