Duo-Internship Frederik

Frederik, 26, has studied two diverse studies. He studied Journalism and Fashion Technology. After graduating, Frederik chose to apply in the fashion world. Unfortunately without results.

Nevertheless, Frederik continued and came in contact with us: “YoungPatterns”. Frederik got to know us through a classmate. This classmate had been offered a job through a duo internship. Frederik did not hesitate and immediately signed up with us.

Frederik got the chance to do an internship at Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann. Two companies with high-end fashion houses. Frederik did an internship at both companies in the pattern department. He hoped to expand his knowledge in pattern drawing and discover how they work internally at fashion houses. In this, Frederik has already succeeded.

After completing his duo internship, Frederik recommends it to you as well. Frederik himself says that thanks to YoungPatterns, he has come to places he could only dream off. We wish him lots of success and happiness!