Duo-internship experience Pavani

Who are you?

I’m Pavani Vyncke, 25 years old. I studied Fashion Technology.

What did you do after your studies?

I had already looked up some vacancies, but there was not much choice and I was also not sure of what exactly I wanted to do, so I opted for the duo-internship.

In our final year of Fashion Technology we had a session in which Young Patterns was introduced. I then looked further on the Young Patterns website and requested an interview with Katrien and then later with Ann. With Ann’s help I ended up with Jo De Visscher for my first six weeks of the duo-internship.

Where did you do your internship? What do the companies do exactly and what was your role?

I did my internship at Jodevisscher , a Belgian fashion label with a boutique in Ghent. The fashion label is designed in Ghent, a large number of prototypes are also produced here. Since it is not a gigantic fashion house with hundreds of employees, I had some more time to explore different aspects. I stitched prototypes, cut fabric, made Illustrator drawings for the technical file, helped preparing the production and did retouching.

What did you hope to learn from this dual-internship and what did you finally get out of it?

I hoped to gain more insight into the applications of my degree in the professional field, and to discover what functions I could perform.

When I was in my 2nd year of Fashion Technology, I had sworn off Illustrator. I had enough of fiddling with a drawing programme that does not immediately do everything you want it to. Add to this the many tasks of my other subjects, and it is clear why my patience ran out. So when Jo asked me to make a number of technical drawings for her file, I was pleasantly surprised how well I did and how I enjoyed it.

I’m really glad I had this experience, because it opens up a number of job opportunities that I didn’t have before.

I would definitely recommend the duo-internship to those who have graduated, but do not yet know what the possibilities are on the job market.