Graduate in the spotlight!

Hester has been a fashion technologist since June 2020. She has her diploma and at the moment she is specializing through a Master’s degree in Paris. Her story starts in secondary school when she had to make her choice of study.

Hester tells us the following:

People in my close environment weren’t surprised to hear that I wanted to do something with fashion after secondary school. I’ve always been very interested in this dynamic and creative world, but didn’t know if there was a place for me. I followed the regular school curriculum and kept all the creative stuff for my spare time. The creative was not seen as a choice of study, until I saw the study Fashion Technology.

Going through the brochure, I was immediately convinced. This course offers you the ideal mix between the creative and the technical aspect of the clothing industry. Lots of practice, the necessary theoretical lessons, some creative projects, an internship and a bachelor’s thesis.

I have always dreamed of a career in the fashion world, but found it difficult to see in which part I wanted to get involved. The great thing about Fashion Technology is that you see all aspects of the industry, so you can experience what you like or dislike. On top of that, you have an internship in the third year, which helps you even more on the right path. Through my internship I have discovered the part of the industry that really interests me and at the moment I am doing a Master’s degree.

Many people are interest to design clothes and overlook all other aspects of the production process. How is the fabric developed, who makes the pattern, where is it produced and what do we do with sustainability? You also need a lot of creativity to solve all these questions. Those who say that fashion technology is not creative are wrong in my opinion.

My ambitions are still the same as three years ago: building a great career in the fashion industry. Now I know better which direction I want to go and that I want to focus on innovative product development and sustainability.

Are you passionate about fashion and/or textiles, do you want to get to know the entire production process and are you motivated to work hard? Then you should definitely give Fashion Technology a chance.

Are you not yet convinced of Fashion Technology and would you like to know more options?
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