Meet Laura

Laura 24 years old, works as a pattern maker at Van de Velde. Van de Velde is a Belgian company where they made lingerie. Their mission: to improve the self-image of women through fashionable lingerie and in-store service: ‘Shaping the bodies and minds of women’. Laura makes lingerie for the Marie Jo brand.

Laura graduated as a fashion technologist at Hogent. After her studies she started to look for a job on FashionUnited. At FashionUnited you will find jobs that are specifically for the fashion sector. Laura  says she was ‘lucky’ in her search for a job. She was already hired after the first application.

Are you looking for a job in the fashion sector? Then Laura gives you the following advice:
Try to let go of the fact that every vacancy says ‘experience is required’. They always ask for experience, but in the end motivation is what will convince them. Don’t let it scare you away. Realize that it is not an easy sector to find something. It may not immediately be your dream job, but every contact with the fashion sector is experience you can take with you. For example, you would like to become a pattern maker, but there are no vacancies, you can start in another position in a company you like. In this way you already know the company and if there is a vacancy, you are already one step ahead. Don’t give up!