Graduate in the spotlight!

Charlotte, 21 years old, has been a fashion technologist for a month. Charlotte does now a Bachelor after Bachelor in International Business Management. According to her, this is a good addition to Fashion Technology, especially since her interest in the business world has grown during her studies.

Fashion technology is an education that many young people followed. Charlotte chose this direction because off here studie in secondary school. She wanted to expand her knowledge after secondary school. Fashion technology was perfect for here. You get to know the sector, but you also learn about marketing and process management.

There are also several projects at Fashion Technology. According to Charlotte, you learn a lot about yourself and how you are in a team. Very valuable skills that will certainly come in handy in later life.

Question and answer

What ambitions did you have for the fashion sector at the start of your study and have this changed?

I always had the ambition to become a manager or mabey to have my own company. I was also interested in the design and creative process. Those interests have changed very little. However, my interest in management has grown, which is why I have been studying International Business Management since this year.

What can you recommend to other young people who also want to study/work in the fashion industry?

There are different directions in the fashion industry:

  • Creativity
  • Technical aspects
  • Retail and marketing
  • Knowledge about textiles and materials

I would advise you to think in advance. Where do you see yourself in the future? From that point, I would try to get some knowledge. For example, take a student job that is related to that or try some creative competitions. In this way you know your interests better.

Charlotte is a very positive person. Hopefully her story has inspired you.