Meet Silke

Silke 23 years old, works as a stylist where she designs collections for sportswear and event clothing. She does this for a private label with contacts all over Europe. BUT this is not the only thing she does. Silke also has her own fashion label ‘Studio ERROR’. This is a limited edition brand with a focus on ethically responsible clothing and accessories.

Silke graduated as a fashion technologist at Hogent. She combined this study with a training as fashion designer at Syntra. After graduating, Silke also decides to study Business Management at Hogent.

She is very passionate person and she finds that everyone has to believe in themselves. If you want to do something or if you want to start your own label, don’t give up too quickly. There is a market for everything, also for the clothing YOU design!

Watch here whole story on our Youtube channel! (This video is in Dutch)