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The 10 most common jobs

Ann tells more about these jobs in 10 minutes

Do you have any questions about jobs and/or the Belgian fashion sector?

Then contact Ann Collier, founder & ‘mother’ of Young Patterns. And let’s say she knows the industry inside out.

She was a production assistant at Staels NV for 10 years & worked on productions in Tunisia, she has a lot of experience in pattern drawing.  And then started as a project manager at IVOC. She lets her be guided by her love for sustainable production and projects.

– She knows which companies are open to our new generation.

– She will be one of your mentors if you follow a duo internship through Young Patterns.

Do you have a question for her about the industry or about a job?

Send her an email or give her a call:

02 481 53 56

The provincial division of companies & employees in Belgium

Curious about the number of employees & companies in our Belgian clothing & apparel industry? The figures below give an overview of the 3rd quarter of 2020 and can look different every year.

  • Provinces
  • Namen
  • Luxemburg
  • Waals Brabant
  • Henegouwen
  • Luik
  • Vlaams Brabant
  • Limburg
  • Brussels Gewest
  • West Vlaanderen
  • Oost Vlaanderen
  • Antwerpen
  • Companies
  • 24
  • 16
  • 43
  • 89
  • 110
  • 126
  • 165
  • 209
  • 268
  • 282
  • 345
  • 1.677 companies
  • Employees
  • 92
  • 38
  • 192
  • 332
  • 426
  • 890
  • 957
  • 848
  • 2.276
  • 2.903
  • 2.633
  • 11.587 employees

Where to find vacancies

You’ll find the most objective presentation of jobs on the website of VDAB, including jobs for technical functions that are not highlighted on the other sites.

Fashion United is a private, international organization, they go a bit broader, but completely focused on fashion.

Creamoda is the employer organization of the Belgian clothing and clothing companies. On their website you will find vacancies at the member companies of Creamoda.

Careerstyler is a private organization, with exclusive job service.

Flanders DC is the promotion centre for the creative sectors in Flanders, financed by the Flemish government. Besides jobs, you can also find internship opportunities on the website.

MAD can be seen as a Belgian version of Flanders DC, strongly focused on Brussels fashion and design.