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It is not only in Belgium that retiring employees need to be replaced and companies need to focus more on young talent. Throughout Europe, young people are indispensable for their fresh ideas and help ensure the growth of companies.

We are convinced of this. That is why IVOC, the organisation behind Young Patterns, is also part of a project that brings together various European organisations and introduces young people to the European clothing and apparel sector, wants to strengthen the industry and support companies in their innovation and competition policy.

Skills4smart TCLF, is a partnership between 21 organisations from 9 European countries. You can find them all here.

“Skills4smart TCLF is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the ERASMUS + programme. In 2021, TCLF will generate an annual turnover of more than €200 billion and employ nearly 2 million people in the European Union.

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The clothing and apparel sector is recovering:

  • The sector offers more opportunities than ever to creative talents and fashion lovers.
  • Tens of thousands of European fashion companies are now strong on the market.
  • Their organisation and dynamics are no longer comparable to the mass production factories of the last century

The aim of this project?

  • To introduce young people to European companies and the sector through stories, testimonies, exchange projects, training, vlogs, etc.
  • Strengthening the industry
  • Support European companies in the field of innovation and competitiveness

With Young Patterns we will also regularly share stories from these different countries and interesting (exchange) projects.

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