The result of a day’s expedition: our own Young Patterns cycling jersey made from A to Z by the students

Final-year students on expedition at Bioracer

Young Patterns went to Bioracer on Thursday 7 November with the final-year students of the Heilig Graf in Turnhout, the clothing company in Tessenderlo that you will surely know through these cycling jerseys and their motto #wemakeyoufaster.

The students went on an expedition to work all day in the ready-made workshop. The result of that hard work can be seen in the pictures below: our own Young Patterns cycling jersey, cut, printed and stitched by the students.

It’s interesting to get a feel for the workings of a company in this way. And gradually, as a young person, you also learn a lot about yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities, … And that’s exactly the purpose of an expedition. Under the guidance of our partners Levanto and Group Intro, we work together with the students to find out about their interests and their qualities and to make them aware of them. This is done by means of competence games during a preliminary phase, workshops in a company and a follow-up phase where we are working on a professional C.V.. In short, getting an answer to the questions: ‘Who am I? What can I do? What do I want?’

Many thanks to the two -26 year old employees of Bioracer Sarah & Sophie. They made all the preparations for the workshop of the cycling jersey and showed us around the company together with production manager Dick Buikema. From design to proto-lab, from cutting to sublimation and to the sewing department where we can see the final results.

Their motto #wemakeyoufaster is largely due to the passion of Raymond Vanstraelen, founder of Bioracer and still passionate about the métier. He used to be a cyclist himself, but later he was a caretaker and coach of cyclists. Based on this passion, he founded Bioracer at the end of 1985. He told us that everything started with two machines in his garage. To see where Bioracer stands and what products they make: homemade bicycles, aerodynamic clothing and even skating clothing. And he still does so with an equal smile.

Raymond Vanstraelen – oprichter Bioracer

The result of a day’s expedition: our own Young Patterns cycling jersey made from A to Z by the students:

The workshop in pictures: