The duo-internship of Young Patterns: an internship in 2 different clothing companies


Do you want to gain more experience as a recent graduate? You are younger than 26, registered as a jobseeker with the VDAB and you do not know yet what job suits you best? Then consider a duo-internship of Young Patterns. This is an internship of two times six weeks, in two different Belgian garment companies.


You get the chance to gain extra experience and learn about the differences in companies, jobs and products. Your vocational integration period* on benefits is not extended and you receive the necessary guidance during your internship.

*What is a career transition period? When you register with the VDAB as a job-seeker, you do not immediately receive a benefit. You will only receive this after the vocational conversion period, which lasts about a year. More info

What are the conditions?

  • You are younger than 26.
  • You are registered as a jobseeker with the VDAB and you do not yet receive benefit. You are therefore in your vocational conversion period. More info.
  • Finding a job obviously takes priority, but we do ask for a kind of commitment for a duo internship, so that we do not make any empty promises to the internship companies.
  • You should be prepared to write a motivation why you would like to do a duo internship.
  • You can provide a wish list of companies you prefer and job areas that interest you

How can I apply for a duo internship?

  • Book a personal interview with Eef and indicate that you are interested in a duo internship. During this first meeting, Eef will look at your C.V. together with you and you can explain your skills, motivation and interest.

What are the next steps?

  • You will receive a questionnaire by email in which we sound out your wish list of companies and your motivation.
  • Download your certificate of registration as a job-seeker from the VDAB website and send it to Katrien together with your motivation and wish list.
  • Only when we have received everything will it be forwarded to Ann Collier, internship supervisor of the Young Patterns duo internships.
  • Ann contacts you for a next conversation to further discuss your expectations.
  • Ann searches for the right company and arranges a first meeting between you and the company.
  • After a positive introduction to the company Ann draws up a training plan together with you and the company in question.
  • You start in the first company.
  • We also look for a second internship company. This can be following on from your first internship or with a break in between. Often, it is only during an internship that you know what you would like or would rather not have in a subsequent internship. And that is what we like to discuss with you.
  • Ann is your mentor during the two internships. You can always go to her for questions, doubts and uncertainties. She also follows up on the progress and the evaluation.

In any case, we always strive for a good match between company and intern and are happy to listen to any extra suggestions.

The ambassadors gladly share their duo internship experience

Do you still doubt that a duo internship would be suitable for you? Then dive into the list of Young Patterns ambassadors. Some of them have also done a duo internship and are happy to share their experience with you. You can find them here.

They have already done a duo internship

  • 2020

    Laurie Buczynski

    Companies: Caroline Bosmans & Christian Wynants
    Study: Fashion Technology

    Contact her here.

  • 2020

    Frederik Beelen

    Companies: BVBA32 & Atelier Haider Ackermann
    Study: Fashion Technology


  • 2019

    Margot Vandeputte

    Companies: FNG International & Valvan Baling Systems
    Recruitment: HNST
    Study: Bio-engineer

  • 2019

    Fran Mols

    Companies: FNG International & Swynen Modeatelier
    Recruitment: Swynen Modeatelier
    Study: Fashion Technology


  • 2018

    Jitske Van Assche

    Companies: BVBA32 & Polygonal
    Additional studies: pattern drawing VDAB
    Recruitment: Flanders Fashion Makers
    Study: Fashion Technology
    Jitske likes to tell about her experience.

  • 2018

    Paulien Van Dam

    Companies: Polygonal & BVBA 32
    Recruitment: BVBA32
    Study: Fashion Technology
    Paulien likes to tell about her experience.


  • 2018

    Marie Houtain

    Companies: MRFG & D’Autan
    Recruitment: D’Autan
    Study: Fashion Technology
    Marie likes to tell about her experience. Contact her here.

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