One year of Corona & the effect on the fashion industry

“It comes as no surprise. The Corona crisis has hit our economy hard. We read in the newspaper and hear on the news about painful company results and about people losing their jobs. And this pandemic is also taking a serious mental toll. The impact of the virus can be felt by young and old.

Unfortunately, the Belgian fashion and apparel industry has not been spared. During the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, companies were shut down. The social distancing rules could not be respected in the production workshops so many employees were put on temporary unemployment.

The process from clothing design to the shop shelves that often takes a year does not make things easier. If you stop or remove one link, this has serious consequences for the whole process. And the consequences are there: 7% of the number of employees in the fashion industry have lost their jobs, which is no minor matter. A hit we haven’t had in a long time.

On the other hand, we are convinced that good things come out of every crisis. More than ever, investments are being made in sustainability, innovation, artificial intelligence, and so on. And from Young Patterns we will bring the message to companies that your generation is ready to participate in these investments.

Because you are the future… .”

– Katrien –

Do you want to know how our ambassadors experience Corona at school, as a job seeker or at work? Feel free to ask them, they like to share their experiences with you.