Balthasar Brussels is looking for an artist director

Balthasar at the Grand Sablon in Brussels offers a platform for thrilling talent. Art, design, jewelry, fashion, gastronomy and travel are transformed into a new dimension. They are looking for an artist director.

Job description:

  1. Daily prospection of new artists (search via social media/internet/magazines), at least 20 per day:
    • First contact via Instagram/e-mail
    • Second contact through phone call (and ask artist to send email with brand/art/… material  to showcase)
    • Third contact visit on the spot
    • Insert prospects daily into the list ‘Talents Contacted’
  2. Visit and show around of the building to new artists possible during weekdays between 11am and 7pm
  3. Installation/dismantling artists possible during weekdays between 10.30am and 11am or between 6pm and 7pm (no installations/dismantling allowed over the weekend)
    Upon installation of artist to follow procedure as such
    Fill in Balthasar Brussels Registration Form & ask to sign
    Send template email ‘Règlement interne – House Rules – Huisregelement’ including bar menu and week planning from
    Immediately add the new artists’ mobile number into the What’s App group “Watch Out’
  4. Every morning check if all artists are present. Each non-present artist to receive the email template ‘Lettre d’avertisement – Warning Letter – Waarschuwingsbrief’ Second warning needs to be sent with the corresponding invoice (to request invoice at, informing on all coordinates company name/address/vat number)
    Third warning artist needs to leave the premises immediately
  5. Monthly follow up of invoicing to artists:
    1. Rental fee space artist: 4 days prior to the extension of agreement, invoice needs to be send out to the artist (follow up on payment, needs to be in our account the first day of the extension agreement)
    2. Balthasar Community: invoicing needs to be send out before each 28/ of the month for the coming month (follow up on payment, needs to be in our account the first day of the coming month)
  6. Responsible for the tidiness of the indoor exhibit spaces, exterior appearance of our historic building and monitoring our exhibitors on the opening, attendance, closing and respectful treatment of their exhibit spaces