Graduate in the spotlight!

Paulien, 21 years old, has been a fashion technologist since June (2020). Paulien had a passion for fashion and sewing since she was young.

When someone told her about the Fashion Technology, she started looking at the option. She looked at the information on the website, the SID-in and the informations days. Through this, she was convinced that fashion technology was the study she was looking for.

The study gave her a lot of technical skills. Slowly but surely she realized that she had a passion for the fabrics. This was reinforced by all the subjects related to textiles that were offered during the study. In this way, fashion technology formed a solid foundation to take the step to a further education: ‘Textile Design’. This is also what Paulien is currently doing. She is follwing a Textiles Folio course in London which prepares her for the Bachelor in Textile Design.

Her advice: Don’t give up and focus on finding your passion.